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Building owners and managers of all types and sizes are under pressure to provide ubiquitous in-buildings mobile phone coverage.

We are systems integrators, providing everything from start to finish for in-buildings mobile coverage solutions in building both large and small.

We implement in-building mobile coverage solutions using the Zinwave Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and its unified connectivity platform, supporting multiple wireless services (cellular and public safety), between 150MHz – 2700MHz on a single infrastructure.

Working in consultation with all the main UK mobile operators, we take care of initial design , JOTS, surveying, commissioning, installation and ongoing service.

We are Zinwave’s preferred Systems Integrator for the UK and Ireland

We take care of initial off-plan designs, site surveys, JOTS design & submission, staging, installation, commissioning and ongoing service

We have EVERYTHING covered – You have EVERYWHERE covered.

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The most flexible AND innovative coverage solution available…
The only solution supporting ALL cellular and ALL public safety bands on a SINGLE hardware layer…
The ONLY globally proven solution…
Cost effective AND future proof…

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Customers and Markets

Corporate & Enterprise

Providing enhanced in-building wireless coverage to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Wireless technology is changing the way businesses operate. Companies now accept that enhancing in-building coverage not only provides staff and tenants with anywhere access to wireless services; it can also increase overall productivity, save money and give them a competitive edge. In addition, building owners have reported significant reductions on insurance premiums on the basis that an in-building wireless communications system would make their building safer due to improved public safety communications.


Giving student and staff 24x7 access to enhanced wireless services

Students expect to have the world at their fingertips and want instant access to all services at all times, wherever they are on campus. Universities are under increased pressure to attract the brightest students through the provision of a first class education.  Cross-campus wireless coverage ensures immediate access to ultramodern facilities using the latest technologies, cementing a university’s technology credentials and academic reputation. Ensuring student and staff safety while on campus is an additional concern that can be enhanced with in-building wireless coverage.


Providing enhanced in-building wireless services to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Longer life expectancies and a growing global population are pushing medical resources to the limit and there is intensifying pressure on the healthcare industry to look at new ways to boost efficiency. Many leading hospitals are embracing wireless technology and in-building wireless coverage as a means to achieve this.


Providing enhanced in-building wireless services to meet and exceed customer expectations

Today’s guests expect to have the world at their fingertips. From businessmen accessing emails from their Smartphone or working on their latest presentation from their wireless laptop, to leisure travellers wishing to remain in touch with friends and family; they expect coverage at all times, in all areas of a hotel or resort.


Providing enhanced in-building wireless services to increase staff efficiency and safety

A reliable communications infrastructure is crucial in industry for efficiency and safety purposes. Employees working in highly secured, hazardous environments that are often highly dispersed must be allowed to maintain contact with family and friends for reassurance purposes. Private mobile radio systems are also widely used for efficiency and job management. Delivering reliable, ubiquitous in-building wireless coverage ensures that these needs are met.

Public Venue

Airports, sports stadiums and shopping malls have the unenviable task of providing seamless multi-carrier, multi-service wireless coverage for thousands of people on a daily basis.

In addition, many public venues are keen to take advantage of 4G LTE services, which not only enhance consumer experience, they give building owners a competitive edge. Addressing the differing needs of so many demographic groups can be achieved through the provision of reliable, ubiquitous in building wireless coverage.

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