Our Customers

Owners, Managers and Developers of all types of buildings are under pressure to provide ever-present in-building mobile phone coverage no matter where in the building. We are here to provide everything from start to finish for in-building mobile coverage and connectivity solutions.

Property Owners, Managers and Landlords

Property Owners, Managers and Landlords are expected by the tenants of their properties to provide ever-present signal no matter what part of the property they are in, along with this, they are also required to provide access to public safety radio coverage sometime enforced by local government. Whether it be Corporate or Residential, the matter still exists, tenants are more and more often requesting for a solution to be implemented to attain better mobile phone coverage inside the properties which range from high rise towers (offices or residential) to buildings with basement properties.

Corporate Properties

Corporations are looking to maximise profits and increase their bottom line. A number of local authorities, healthcare establishments and corporate enterprises have agreed that increasing in-building wireless coverage not only satisfies demand for anywhere access to signal, but also increases staff productivity, reduces costs and gives organisations a competitive edge.

Property Developers and Consultants

Developers and Consultants of properties under construction are under more pressure to provide maximum yield on the finished properties, this means adding value where possible to make for a premium and more appealing purchase for potential customers. Property developers are demanding multi-operator, ever-present in-building mobile phone coverage in order to attract tenants and secure premium sales and rent.