Our Solutions

There is no 'one to fit all' solution. With different building structures comes unique requirements, different designs and therefore multiple solutions. Our mission is simple: We find the best solution to your problem.

By understanding the requirements of our customers and considering the differing elements of building design layouts, we utilise our experience and technical knowhow to offer a solution that will incorporate one of our technical partners; Zinwave or Huawei. Our solutions are all future proofed with 5G networking enabled.

Our systems include:

Designed for smaller indoor spaces, small cells complement the macro network to improve coverage, support new services and user experiences. There are various types of small cell, with varying range, power level and form factor.

Designed for large, multi-floor indoor spaces, DAS is a group of individual antennae which all connect to a singular base to improve coverage, support new services and user experiences. The two main types of DAS consist of Active DAS and Passive DAS.

Active DAS - takes the wireless signals from an external antenna and passes them to other antennas through fibre optic cables while being boosted and amplified along the way.

Passive DAS - takes wireless signals from an antenna and then runs them through feeder cables emitting signals and acting as antennas all over the building; the signal leakage distributes the signals.


Along with this, we work in consultation with all the main UK mobile operators and take care of initial design, JOTS, surveying, commissioning, installation and ongoing service.

If you would like to talk about a solutions in more depth, please click here to contact us. Alternatively, call us on 01440 711455.
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